Free State Nevada

Welcome to Free State Nevada

Free State Nevada is a grass-roots movement to free rural Nevada from urban, democratic, control.

Nevada is a large state that is mainly rural. It is the 7th largest in size.

It has numerous mountain ranges, some with peaks over 13,000 feet. It has 172 mountain summits with over 2,000 feet of prominence. This makes Nevada the "Most Mountainous" state in the country.

In the past Nevada was typically extremely conservative and libertarian. That is still generally the case in rural areas (legalized prostitution, for example). However, two large urban areas in the north and south are irrevocably changing the politcal landscape of the state. Whether you approve or disapprove about the political direction that the state is following, it's obvious that two distinct political bodies exist that cannot get along and it's time for these two bodies to amicably separate.

Nevada should split into three separate states that more correctly represent the people. The two population centers of Reno and Las Vegas could be the capitals of Western and Southern Nevada respectively, while Elko, or Lovelock, or Ely, or (take your choice) can be the capital of Northern Nevada.

Perhaps the time is right for this to happen. The division between those of conservative and liberal views is widening and only getting worse. Why should a people so divided continue to live together as one political entity? We have unreconciliable differences! It's time for an amicable divorce!