Free State Nevada

Southern Tyranny

Outrage #1

The latest and greatest despotic act coming from the south is their plan to steal water from the rest of the state. Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Colorado River, and whatever wells and creeks they have isn't enough. They believe they have to have more! There's not enough people living in Las Vegas now, they need more water for more people for more liberal votes. Enough is enough!

It's too late to stop the bastards in the south, and if you're in the south, f*** you. The NSE has approved the water project and the BLM has given approval to build it and the infrastructure across BLM land (which is bullshit anyway; there shouldn't be any public lands or BLM; it should all be private property). Nothing can be done to stop it LEGALLY (unless we create a new state where the SNWA has NO authority).

I got some ideas. Think about it. Where are the warrior Indians from two centuries ago? What are the bored youths on Indian Reservations near the pipeline doing?

Outrage #2

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