Free State Nevada

Welcome to Free State Nevada

Free State Nevada is a grass-roots movement to free rural Nevada from urban, democratic, control.

Reasons For Separation

Las Vegas and Clark County now virtually control the state via their large population. Over 2 million people live in Clark County while the population of the entire state is a little over 2.5 million. These 2 million people give southern Nevada control of the State Legislature. The State Assembly has 42 members of which 27 are Democrats and the State Senate has 21 members of which 11 are Democrats. Republicans are outnumbered 38 to 25. The population is sure to increase over the years and this domination will do likewise.

Unfortunately, Reno and Washoe County is suffering the same fate as Las Vegas and Clark County. Soon both these population centers will overwhelm the rest of the state and rural Nevadans' voices will be silenced.